Soybean farms play a key role in economic sustainability across rural Michigan

On this week's Ag Report on Greening of the Great Lakes, Gail Frahm, executive director of the 
Michigan Soybean Association and the Michigan Soybean Promotion Committee ~ The Soybean Checkoff, talks about how the work happening on Michigan's soybean farms helps boost economic sustainability in rural communities.  

"Michigan's soybean farmers are progressive, embracing the latest technology and modern methods to boost yields and ultimately grow the local economy," says Frahm.

"Soybean yields more than doubled in the past 50 years, which is good news for the communities our farmers call home. When soybean farmers produce more and sell products around the world, more capital is pumped back into their local communities."

Frahm says agricultural productivity is a key engine for the economy in rural America, making small towns and rural communities more economically sustainable for coming generations.

"By looking ahead and being innovative, we are able to overcome challenges that can hurt crops, and this commitment to staying on the 'cutting edge' ultimately makes our communities stronger," she says.
You can hear this week's report here.

To learn more about sustainability on Michigan's soybean farms, visit the Sustain the Legacy project.
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