Protecting our air, land, Great Lakes a focus of sustainable soybean farming
On this week’s Ag Report on Greening of the Great Lakes, Gail Frahm, executive director of the Michigan Soybean Association and the Michigan Soybean Promotion Committee ~ The Soybean Checkoff, says modern soybean production incorporates sustainable practices that protect the environment and the future health of Michigan farms.
“You would be hard-pressed to find people who are more concerned with environmental sustainability than Michigan farmers, because the future of their family business depends on a healthy environment,” said Frahm. “Michigan soybean farmers rely on a full suite of best practices and technologies to ensure they’re being good stewards to the environment. They’re constantly focused on protecting our air, land and Great Lakes.”
Frahm noted soybean farmers follow the 4R Nutrient Stewardship program – applying nutrients from the right fertilizer source, at the right rate, at the right time and in the right place. Variable rate application, soil testing, and GPS-guided equipment also help optimize nutrient application.
“Farmers are always looking for new ways to do business, and the Michigan Soybean Promotion Committee helps by researching the latest practices and exploring upcoming opportunities to reduce negative impacts,” said Frahm. “Farmers know that if you want the land to take care of you, then you need to take care of the land. That’s why Michigan soybean farmers are so committed to being environmentally sustainable.”
You can hear this week’s report here.
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